need vented caps

Plastic liquid containers are at risk, and may cause danger results, to burst, leak, deform while pressure differential established by:

  1. liquid release and consumes gas
  2. altitude changes
  3. temperature changes
  4. dispensing/pumping


and solutions

VentsCaps ensure package leak tight meanwhile manage the container pressure differential by:

  1. Appropriate membrane tech
  2. Prooved caps quality by customers
  3. Caps options for containers from 200ml to 30L, 60L to 1000L
  4. tailor made option available


VentsCaps Do

Diagnosing and resolving packaging problems can be time-consuming and costly. VentsCaps serve chemical and container manufacturer :

  1. Diagnose: package,conditions etc
  2. Proposal: venting technology
  3. Tailor made or Ready-To-Use caps
  4. Imply to package assistance





VentsCaps the system provider of vented caps & closures solution.

Caps based on liquid properties and work environment. We guarantee the high level of quality, reliability and functional safety.

Prooved application Records

Proofed records in leading chemical companys. Million pieces are continuously used in chemical and liquid packages facing daily logistic and storage.

Our experience

Not just understanding of material and membrane behavior. What’s more: we are specialists in mechanical engineering, injection molding, quality manufacturing.

Strong number

VentsCaps serve leading containers, liquid and chemical OEMs in Asia, EMEA, USA.

Our expertise keeps dedicated in pressure differential issues in liquid containers. Appropriate technicals and products help to solve the unexpected container deformation and failures.

This strengthen relationship and partnership with users, therefore support our health growth.

Ventscaps start caps and plastic part production since 2006

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Our development opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on, committing wholeheartedly to delivering.

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